April 26, 2004

writing as definition

I'm in a good mood tonight. I also no longer feel like eating the house. Sane once more.

I finished the first draft of my new story. I'm no longer in that world, inhaling that person back into my self. I'm my adult, mature self with the knowledge and strength I've gained in the intervening years. It was valuable reliving that time. I know now I am in fact not her, not anymore. You can shed a skin, move like a snake beyond your former identity, but you have to find a mirrored pool somewhere to look in and know yourself anew. That part's important, as much as as the shedding itself.

I don't consider this story to be therapy. I see it as perspective with a twist of fiction. The fiction part is easy. It's the perspective that's hard won.

Posted by Tamar at April 26, 2004 10:54 PM