March 25, 2004

dino future past

Tonight Damian wanted me to read him If The Dinosaurs Came Back, by Bernard Most. As we were settling in to look at it, he commented, "But the dinosaurs won't really come back because they're extinct." Indeed. "But maybe after the world ends, it will start all over again and there will be dinosaurs and then people."

Mmm. Kid been reading big bang theory books behind my back?

Posted by Tamar at March 25, 2004 09:27 PM

I remember poring over my big dinosaur picture books deciding what I'd do with the dinosaurs if they ever did come back.
When Damian's a little older, he'd probably really enjoy the "Cadillacs & Dinosaurs" series of graphic novels. It's a future world in which dinosaurs really DID come back, along with all the assorted plants and such, and the surviving people are trying to eke out existances as sheep farmers and such while fending off marauding dinos. It's fun. :-)

Posted by: darby at March 26, 2004 03:57 PM

Kids can be odd about this whole "when the world ends" thing. I remember that K was about his age when she first understood that suns don't last forever. It fretted her for a couple of days until she realized that people would be extinct by then, which apparently made it okay because "we won't have to worry about this." It's odd what comforts them.

Posted by: Cait at March 26, 2004 05:30 PM