January 09, 2004

A frog in Candyland

Tonight I had the unusual pleasure of playing a game of Candyland with Damian and a small plastic frog named Ayoo. I've never played a board game with a frog before. The gingerbread man game piece was almost too big for him to carry from one spot on the board to the next.


Turns out, though? Ayoo is a very good, or at least very dramatic game player. He started out by pulling the gumdrop card and barrelling past our gingerbread guys. Later in the game, he got the candy cane card and was sent back practically to the beginning. He squeaked in dismay: "Oh no I was going to win but now I discovered Im going to lose. Now what do I do?" Only it was more like "what do I do-oo-oo?" Very concerned small orange frog person.

He recovered, however, and soon he was belting out a rap song praising his choice of color card: "Whos got the purple? Weve got the purple! Who's got the purple? We've got the purple! You, I, Ayoo!"

Ayoo almost won, too. After getting sent back to the beginning, he recovered with another jaw-dropping doubletake (the snowflake card) and was thisclose to the end when Damian, quiet but methodical, slipped past him and crossed the finish line first.

I expected tears from the frog, but instead he informed me, "I need to sleep in a wet place, not a dry place, so I'm leaving now, I'm going back to Froggie Land. Goodbye!" And he was off, leaving an impression of orange and a drunken-looking green gingerbread man in his wake.

Posted by Tamar at January 9, 2004 09:46 PM