January 01, 2004

New Year's gathering

Maybe I'm strange, but when brunch guests don't leave until after nine p.m., I consider that a successful party.

Okay, that's cheating a little. The last guests were Diane and Darin and their kids, and we have a tradition of letting afternoon turn into evening together. I was glad they had the time on this trip to do it again. But Mo and Kymm stayed until after seven, so that's still good, I think.

I know it's possible for people to outstay their welcome. That wasn't the case here. I would have been happy if Michele, Jill, Jay, and StealthPunch had all been able to stay as long. I like small gatherings. I like parties where people have common interests and interesting thoughts and can discuss interpersonal relationships and the way kids learn and also the merits of sports bras all in one day. I had fun.

Kymm tells me two years in a row make it a tradition. Sounds good to me.

Posted by Tamar at January 1, 2004 11:34 PM