November 11, 2003

cows on the brain

As we walked up to Damian's friend Corey's house, we could smell the manure stink of fresh fertilizer. Damian, naturally, wanted to know why they put cow poop on the grass. I said it had vitamins and nutrients the grass needed.

Later on in the car, on a long ride to the middle of nowhere, Damian and Corey started saying that there was poop on the road behind us and warning all the other cars: "Cars, go fast or the smelly poop will eat you!" and on like that. At some point, Corey questioned why there was poop. Was it coming from our car (actually C's car, a minivan)? Damian said, "The poop behind the car is because there's a cow on the roof."

They exclaimed over this for a while ("A cow! On the roof!"), then inevitably wondered how the cow would get down when we stopped for a pee break. Corey said the cow would climb off the back, but Damian thought if it tried it would fall through. No more roof! Sunroof! Cow in the car!

Much later, Damian asked me, "What kind of cow eats grass?" It was a trick question. The answer: a lawnmooer.

I asked Corey's mom if typically developing five year olds are this goofy too. She thinks they are.

Posted by Tamar at November 11, 2003 09:16 PM

Hi Tamar--

Just rediscovered your journal/blog and am reading back. I have to comment here. YES, Damian sounds EXACTLY like my 5 year old (9/11/98) everyday it is a stream of knock knock jokes, whey did the ________ cross the road and on and on. OH and if the word 'poop' can be fit into the conversation in any way that you've scored off the scale. :) No doubt five years old and their budding humor = goofy. :)

Posted by: Cheri at November 28, 2003 01:27 PM

just reread that...ick, maybe next time I should proofread, no? LOL

Posted by: Cheri at November 28, 2003 01:29 PM