October 05, 2003

Weight Watchers, of all things

Over the years, Iíve watched my hair stylist, an attractive woman around my age. Iíve seen her hair change shape and color, of course Ė thatís her job, after all. Iíve also seen her body change. It happens as you get older, as you have kids, as you get stressed and overworked and overwhelmed. It happened to me, god knows. And I almost liked that she too gained weight with the years. Nice to have companionship in this image-conscious land of the skinny. But last time I saw her, toward the end of June, she looked great.

When I complimented her, she beamed and told me sheíd lost seventeen pounds on Weight Watchers. She said she had more to go, and I could see that she did, but it was amazing the difference that much of a loss made. Her face looked different, less full. Her body, that too, of course. I wasnít jealous. I was encouraged. If she could do it, maybe I could too.

A week later, I brought Damian to a kiddie gym class with his buddy Corey. Coreyís mom complimented the instructor, a faux-grouchy older man, on his noticeable weight loss. He beamed and said heíd lost thirty five pounds on Weight Watcherís.

Weight Watchers again. Hmm. I read through the growing thread on TUS, puzzling out if this was something I could do. I started following along at home. I couldnít count points but I could become more conscious of what I ate. I dropped four pounds in two weeks. Well, good. But ten pounds is my wall. I get to ten pounds and something happens Ė I face a buffet, a yearning for chocolate, a panic attack. I eat. And once I give in to the urge, Iím off the wagon but good. Until next time, when I lose that ten pounds and hit that selfsame wall again.

I joined Weight Watchers. I like its commonsense approach. No fad diets here, just a simple calculation of calories, fat and fiber (the points system), with encouragement to exercise and eat your fruits and veggies. Iíve been to eleven meetings now, weighed in and participated in the meeting afterward.

Iíve lost eighteen pounds so far. I'm well past that ten pound barrier and truly addicted to the process. Like my stylist back in June, my face and body have already transformed. Itís happened in such small increments, I look in the mirror and wonder how it happened at all, where the changes I see came from. But I canít wait to go in for my next haircut and show her what she started.

Posted by Tamar at October 5, 2003 03:29 PM


Congratulations Tamar!! That is wonderful. Good to see you posting more often...I have missed you on the MayMoms list.

Posted by: Tammy at October 6, 2003 09:34 AM

Ahhhh, now I really want to see a photo. I'm of course drawn back to my early WW days, some 19 years ago -- that rush of yes! I can do this! It's almost as if the lightness you can feel in your hips translates to adrenalin....

It's lovely to see it working for the girl I'll always think of as svelte and seventeen :-) And I love your blog overall!

C, pulling old-highschool friend rank

Posted by: Chris L. at October 6, 2003 08:02 PM

waaay to go!! I love the new blog, esp. since you got me turned onto these : )


Posted by: tami at October 6, 2003 08:04 PM

Thanks, guys. I'm glad to see you all here too! And Chris, I definitely plan to be svelte like seventeen. Not sure it'll look quite the same, though. That's the odd part. And yes, that rush is exactly it. I can do this and wow.

Posted by: Tamar at October 7, 2003 09:45 PM

Can anyone tell me how to calculate the points on the weight watchers system?

Posted by: Tina at May 18, 2004 03:43 PM