October 04, 2003

whither Juan?

Did you know Hurricane Juan tore through Nova Scotia last Sunday? Did you know it devastated the Public Gardens in Halifax, overturned boats, smashed cars, tore down power lines and reduced wood buildings to rubble? My mother just got her electricity back today. Six days later.

Funny thing. When my mom and brother called me Monday morning to let me know they'd weathered the weather but boy was it a big one, I looked online. Nothing in the LA Times or the New York Times. CNN had it, but only as a link on the sidebar. The worst storm to hit the Maritimes in two decades and it was virtually invisible on the US side of the border.

Was everyone exhausted from covering the (admittedly gargantuan) Isabel or does Canada simply not register on the radar map? It's still a state of emergency no matter how you look at it. What gives? When is news not news?

Posted by Tamar at October 4, 2003 04:54 PM

Hi Tamar! Love the new blog!

This anecdote from the Isabel coverage might make you feel better. It was on some national news show, and the reporter was talking about how Isabel would soon make landfall in N.C., and, oh well, the outer banks would probably sustain severe damage. But, he said, "the *real* concern is what will happen when the hurricane reaches the population centers of the northeast!" Cause, y'know, we just have a bunch of trailer parks and outhouses here in N.C., so it doesn't really matter if we're under water :).

We actually had a fair bit of Juan coverage on our local news, probably because people here could relate to the plight of the Nova Scotians. Glad your mom is OK!

Megan (in Winston-Salem)

Posted by: Megan at October 9, 2003 08:47 AM