Iíve resisted writing an about until now even though I like reading them on other peopleís pages. I figure you can get the essence from scanning the categories on my site.

Writing: Iím in the midst of my first novel and I pause here and there to write short stories. I used to think I was a screenwriter. That was a mistake, but a useful one. I learned a lot about how to build a story. But now I write fiction and Iím much happier.

Los Angeles/Hollywood: LA. Where I live and Iím almost fond of the place, though Iím from New York and most of the time I think Iíd rather be there than here. Hollywood. Where I used to work. Once upon a time I was an assistant editor on mostly schlocky low budget features and mostly classy high profile TV shows. My husband Dan is an editor on the latter so I still have one foot in that world.

Cute kid/Parenting: One child. Damian. Born May 5, 1998. Cinco de Mayo. High functioning autistic, largely past the bad parts of that diagnosis. My online journal Hidden Laughter is about his recovery, a term I use with reservations because Iím not sure there is such a thing, but heís certainly no longer in thrall to the condition. Heís a great kid. Smart, loving, funny, imaginative, sometimes a pain in the butt. Always cute.

Other categories:

Books. Mainstream fiction, literary fiction, SF, mystery, romance, nonfiction (both creative and the other kind). I love books.

Movies and TV. Well, who doesnít watch them? I like to analyze what I see, place it in context or just dissect it.

Food. Yum. Cooking and eating in restaurants both. Mmm.

Politics. Liberal from birth. Feminist from childhood. I donít like to talk about it too much here. God knows there are plenty of poliblogs out there with authors who can afford to spend the time researching their theses. Me, I rant on occasion but mostly not.

Weight loss. Iíve lost twenty something pounds. I want to lose about twenty more. I did Weight Watchers, now Iím on my own.

Travel. Love it. Donít do enough of it.

Life stuff tends to include my journal-type entries, though Iíve also talked about the grand adventures of a new car purchase (The Test Drive! The Research! The Negotiation! The Drama!) and our ongoing DIY home renovation projects. We own a Craftsman bungalow in Hollywood; we got into the real estate market in the proverbial nick of time. Itís not everything we want from a house (well, a location) but itís pretty (the house, not the location).

There you have it. All you need to know, embedded in my category choices.